Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is a Noun that nominates a quality, action or a state. We can not taste, see, smell, hear it, or touch an Abstract Noun.
beauty, action, freedom are examples of Abstract Nouns.

*Abstract nouns can be countable or uncountable type. 
Examples of Countable Abstract Nouns are an hour, meeting, a quantity.
Examples of Uncountable Abstract Nouns are beauty, courage, happiness.

Some More Examples:-
Some Examples of Abstract Nouns are given below.
Quality – Awesome, beauty, bravery, courage, diligence, excellence, fitness, generosity, honesty, wisdom.
Action – Action, birth, conservation, movement, judgment
State – boyhood, childhood, manhood, youth, slavery, sickness, poverty, death, life

Abstract Nouns from Verbs
act -          action
appear -    appearance
behave -   behavior
believe -   belief
canonize - canonization
die -          death
do -           deed
employ -   employment
know -      knowledge
press -       pressure
rely -         reliance 
grow -       growth
free -         freedom
judge -       judgment
think -        thought
invite -       invitation
intervene - intervention
lose -         loss
refuse -      refusal
laugh -       laughter
allow -       allowance
sell -          sale
please -      pleasure
permit -     permission
treat -        treatment

Forming Abstract Nouns from Nouns
boy -         boyhood
child -       childhood
girl -          girlhood
man -         manhood
friend -      friendship
king -         kingship
neighbor -  neighborhood
leader -      leadership
president - presidentship
scholar -    scholarship

Forming Abstract Nouns from Adjectives:-
able -        ability
brave -      bravery
different - difference
envious -  envy
great -      greatness
honest -   honesty
kind -      kindness
long -      length
strong -   strength
wise -      wisdom

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