Voice of Imperative Sentence

Voice of Imperative Sentence
Imperative Sentence:-
Imperative Sentences are those sentences in which we express order, request, suggestion, advice, proposal etc.
Examples of Imperative Sentence:-
Shut the door. (Order)
Please, shut the door.(Request)
You should shut the door.(Suggestion)
Don’t play in the rain.(Advice)
Let us play football.(Proposal)

Voice Change for Imperative Sentences with Please:-
Active Voice:- Please + Verb + Object
Passive Voice:- You are requested to + Verb + Object
Active Voice:- Please give your pen.
Passive Voice:- You are requested to give your pen.
Active Voice:- Please open the drawer.
Passive Voice:- You are requested to open the drawer.

Voice Change for Imperative Sentences:-
Active Voice:- Verb + Object
Passive Voice:- Let + Object + be + V3
Active Voice:- Read the book.
Passive Voice:- Let the book be read.
Active Voice:- Play cricket.
Passive Voice:- Let cricket be played.

Voice Change for Imperative Sentence of Proposal or Starting with Let:-
Active Voice:- Let + Subject+ Verb + Object
Passive Voice:- Let + Object+ be+ V3 + by + Subject
Active Voice:- Let us read English.
Passive Voice:- Let English be read by us.
Active Voice:- Let us solve the problem.
Passive Voice:- Let the problem be solved by us.

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