Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. It is a great festival observed by almost all the Americans. This was first started long ago. Pilgrims came to Massachusetts. There was a severe rough winter affront. They were going to die but did not die finally. These pilgrims were saved with the help of the Native Americans. These Native Americans or the Indians helped them learn how to catch eel and grow corn. This incident occurred in 1621.
Presently this is a wonderful festivity all around America. It is now a federal holiday. Schools, offices are closed during this day. Some announce a four-day vacation for the workers. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday makes a united compact weekend.
This occasion was first declared by George Washington publicly in 1789 on the Fourth Thursday of November. Previously it was observed diffusedly.
This is a great day for the family members to have a reunion meeting. They make a dinner with turkey, corn, cranberry, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie etc.

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