Basic of Voice, Or Voice by 123

123  to  321

Active Voice:- In Active Voice, we use the Subject at the first position. Then comes the Verb. Object takes its position just after the Verb. Thus the Subject is the first, the Verb is the second and the Object is the third.
Subject + Verb + Object
1     +      2 +        3
Subject               Verb           Object

Passive Voice:- In Passive Voice, the Object in Active Voice takes the first position as a Subject. The Verb remains fixed in its position. The Subject of the Active Voice takes an Objective form. It may be called a part of a prepositional phrase.
Thus, the Object becomes the first, the Verb is the second and the Subject becomes the third.
Object+   Verb + Subject
3  +            2 +        1
      Object                Verb           Subject

The Verb:- Here we should be careful about the changes from an Active Voice to a Passive Voice. One extra Verb is added to the Verb in the Passive Voice. Extra Verb means a part of the Verbal portion. It would be better to say an extra verbal part will be added to the Passive Voice.
Active- Angelina plays rugby.
Passive- Rugby is played by Angelina.
‘is' is added to the Verb ‘play’ in the above sentence in Passive form.
·        Verb becomes past participle in Passive Voice.
·        It takes other auxiliary verb to make the statement Passive.
·        It may take participle like ‘being'.

By :-
A ‘by' is added to the Passive Voice.This ‘by' is placed just before the Subject that takes objective form in the Passive Voice.
Narendra Modi is elected by the people of India.
Here the preposition ‘by' takes its position just before the Subject ‘the people of India'.  In this sentence,‘the people of India' takes an objective form. It is better to say that the preposition ‘by’ makes a Prepositional Phrase with the Subject of the Active Voice.
Makes a Prepositional Phrase.
Placed just before the Subject that becomes Objective in form in the Passive Voice.
Thus the Subject is fastened with the Preposition ‘by’.

Putin is welcomed by him.
It makes the Prepositional Phrase ‘by him’.
The Subject ‘he’ in the Active Voice is now become a part of the Prepositional Phrase. It takes an objective form.  


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