Active and Passive Voices of Assertive Sentence

Voices of Assertive Sentence:-

Active and Passive Voices of Assertive Sentence
Assertive Sentence:-
Assertive Sentences are those sentences which state something. It expresses some information,
Examples of Assertive Sentence:-
The President of America is Trump.
Bread is a good option for breakfast.
Mahatma Gandhi was an international leader.
i)             Assertive Sentence
ii)            Question
States something

Express information
Bill Gates is a reputed name.

Who was the President of United Nation was formed after the Second World War.

Voice Change for Assertive Sentence:-
Active Voice:- Subject + Main Verb + Object
Passive Voice:- Object + am/is/are+ Verb3 + by Subject
Active Voice:- I like Switzerland.
Passive Voice: - Switzerland is liked by me.
Active Voice:- New Zealanders loves cricket.  
Passive Voice:- cricket is loved by New Zealand.
Active Voice:- Zukerberg likes sharing.
Passive Voice:- Sharing is liked by Zukerberg.

Active Voice
Passive Voice
Subject + Main Verb + Object
Object + am/is/ are+ Verb3 + by + Subject

They play politics.
Stephen kills a snake?
Politics is played by them.
A snake is killed by Stephen.

Voices of Assertive Sentences have been introduced here. Later, you will find tense-wise analysis.

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