An Introduction to Voice

 Transitive or Intransitive:-
A sentence is a word or a combination of two or more words with a sense and meaning.
A sentence is formed with a subject and a verb; with or without an object. Thus we can have a sentence with a verb with an object or a verb without an object. The verb with an object is called a transitive verb. And the Verb without an object is called an intransitive verb.
Transitive Verb
Intransitive Verb
i.                 With an Object
Example: Ronaldo plays football.
ii.              It does not need a complement .
Example: Shakira sings a song.
i.                 Without an Object
Example: They laughed ridiculously.
ii.              It needs a complement.
Example: She sings well.

The sentence which has transitive verb can be used in active or passive voice. Here, a Verb means the Verb in a sentence with transitive verb.

Structure of Voices:-
The structure of the respective voices is as follows -
Active Voice
Passive Voice
Subject + Verb + Object
Object + AV + Verb3 + by + Subject
AV= Auxiliary Verb,
Verb3 = Verb in Past Participle Form

Voice:- How a sentence is expressed is called Voice. The process by which we express a Sentence, is Voice.
There are two kinds of Voice.
i.                  Active Voice
ii.               Passive Voice
The words active and passive are used to say about the Subjects.  When a Subject is active or it does the action, the Subject is called to be in Active Voice.
When the Subject is inactive or passive or it does not do the action, the Subject is called to be in Passive Voice. The word ‘passive’ means inactive. The Subject is acted upon by the Verb.

Active Voice
Passive Voice
i.                  The Subject is active.
ii.               It has an object.

iii.          The Subject does the action.

iv.            Shakira is singing a song.
i.                  The Subject is passive.
ii.               It does not have an object.
iii.            The Subject is acted upon.

iv.            A song is sung by Shakira.

 Classification of Voice:-
Voice is classified into two groups: Active Voice and Passive Voice. There is another Voice Quasi Passive.
When the Subject is active, the sentence is in Active Voice. The Sentence is Passive when the Subject is inactive.
Active Voice
Obama delivered a fiery speech.
Passive Voice
A brilliant knock was played by Pele.
Quasi Passive
A rose is sweet when it is tasted.

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