Syllable is a part of a word . The least part of a word which is pronounced at  a single breath is called a syllable . The word can be classified into so many groups according to the number of syllables.

Monosyllabic :-  
A word that contains only one syllable is called a monosyllabic word.

Example:- Do, cat, bat, sit, mat, hat etc.

Disyllabic Word :-
 A word that has two syllables is called disyllabic word.

Example:- Brother, sister, lower, flower, garland, upon etc

Trisyllabic Word:-
 A word that contains three syllables is called a trisyllabic word.

Example:-wonderful, headmaster, professor, assistant, beautiful

Polysyllabic Word:- 
A word that contains more than three syllables is called a polysyllabic word.

Example:- punctuation, education, 

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