Verb Phrase

Verb Phrase
Verb Phrase refers to a verb with other word or words. It is a phrase consisting of a verb, its auxiliaries (helping verbs), complements, and other modifiers. Auxiliary verb always sits before the main verb.
 Auxiliary verbs can be divided into two classes :

1.      Inflected auxiliary verbs such as be, have, do and
2.      Modal auxiliary verbs such as will, should, must etc.

Nora has been working hard since morning.
He put on new dresses on Sunday.
Take off your shoes before entering the house of god.

Structure :-

1.      She has been playing tennis for ten years.
Has , Been, = Auxiliary Verb, + Play = Main Verb, + ing = Verb Suffix

2.      She should have been playing baseball.
Should, Have, Been = Auxiliary Verbs, + Play = Main Verb, + ing = Verb Suffix

3.      I must read hard to excel.
Must = Auxiliary, + read = Main Verb

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