Simple Future Tense

The work of future is stated through Simple Future Tense. The work yet to do is stated by Future Tense.

Structure:- Subject + Shall/Will + Main Verb

Assertive Sentence: Positive

1st Person:-
I shall play.
We will play.

2nd Person:-
You will play.
You will play.

3rd Person:-

He will play.
She will play.
It will play.
They will play.

Assertive Sentence: Negative

Structure:- Subject +will not + main verb

1st Person:-
I won't play.
We won't play.

2nd Person:-
You won't play.
You won't play.

3rd Person:-
He won't play.
She won't play.
It won't play.
They won't plat.

Won't = Will not


Simple present is used instead of simple future tense  in clauses beginning with time conjunction such as when, while, before, after, by the time, as soon as , if, unless .

When you come to me, I will give you back your camera.
When you go to school, I will read.

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