Presesnt Perfect Continuous Tense

Definition :- A Tense which says a work started earlier in past but it is going till now, is called to be in present perfect continuous tense.

1st Person:-

 I have been blogging since 2012.
We have been reading in Oxford since 2011.

2nd Person:-

 You have been reading since childhood in Australia.
You have been playing football for Real Madrid.

3rd Person:-

He has been coming to China since 3rd October from Britain.
She has been struggling for may years for the democratic freedom of the burmese.
It had been disturbing since morning.
We have been campaigning for plantation since 1999.

Structure:- Subject + have/has + been + main verb-ing + object + since/for

I = subject
Have = have/has
been = been
blogging = main verb ' blog' -ing= blogging
since = since

Since is used to indicate a definite time.
For is used to say the duration.

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