Prepostional Phrase

Prepositional Phrase
A Prepositional Phrase refers to a preposition with a Noun, Pronoun, Gerund or Clause which works as the object of the Preposition. The object may have one or more than one Modifiers.

There are two children on a mat.
There are many mangoes in this garden.

Structure :-

On the table
On= Preposition + the = Modifier + Table = Noun
In the morning
In = Preposition + the = Modifier + Morning = Noun
At night
At = Preposition + night = Noun

Function of Preposition Phrase :-

Adjective :-

A prepositional Phrase works as an Adjective, an Adverb.
Prepositional Phrase as Adjective answer the question, which one ?
The cat sits on the table.
Which cat?
The answer is ‘the cat on the table’.

Adverb :-

Prepositional Phrase works as an Adverb , answers the questions ; How? When? Where?
She cut the potato with a knife.
How did she cut the potato?
She cut the potato ‘with a knife’.

She rose up today in the morning.
When did she rise up today?
She rose up ‘in the morning’.
She went to London.
Where did she go?
She went ‘to London’.

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