Participle Phrase

Participle Phrase:-

Participle Phrase works as Adjective. A Participle Phrase can be divided into two groups- (1) Present Participle and (2) Past Participle (3) Perfect Participle.
(1)   Present Participle :-
Present Participle ends in ‘ing’.
I saw Ronaldo playing football.
I saw a tiger running into the forest.
(2)   Past Participle:-
Past Participle can be divided into two parts.
(A)  Regular Past Participle :-
Regular Past Participle ends in ‘ed’.
The nurse was trying to treat the wounded soldier.
The manager lives in a rented house.
(B)  Irregular Past Participle:-
There are several ways to make Irregular Past Participle.
I don’t want a broken heart in the game.
The sons of the farmer could not find out the hidden treasure.
(3)   Perfect Participle:-
Having finished playing, we went to read.
Having found the way, the girl began to laugh.

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