Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense is used to narrate an action which was going on in the past.

·         An action started in the Past and continued for sometimes. Then Past Continuous Tense will be used. It will not mention specific time.
We were playing football.
·         Past Continuous is used to narrate a persistent habit in the past.
He was always boasting of his career.

Positive:- Subject + was/were + Verb-ing
Negative:-  Subject + was/were + Not + Verb-ing
Interrogative :- Was/were + Subject + Verb-ing

Verb ‘Play’ in Past Continuous in Positive, Negative and Interrogative:-
First Person
I was playing.
We were playing.
I was not playing.
We were not playing.
Was I playing?
Were we playing?
Second Person
You were playing.
You were playing.
You were not playing.
You were not playing.
Were you playing?
Were you playing?
Third Person
He was playing.
She was playing.
It was playing.
They were playing.
He was not playing.
She was not playing.
It was playing.
They were not playing.
Was he playing?
Was she playing?
Was it playing?
Were they playing?

Non-Continuous Verbs:- There some verbs which are called Non-Continuous. These verbs must not be used in Continuous Form. This Verb needs Simple Past.
I was being at my house when you came.  XXXXXX  . This is a wrong sentence.
It will be ;  I was at my house when you came.

Difference between While and When:- Generally, When needs Simple Past , but While needs Past Continuous.

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