Conjunctions:- Form Wise and Difference between Subordinating and Coordinating

Definition :- Conjunction is a Parts of Speech which is used to join words, phrases, clauses or sentences.  
Examples :- Ram and Sam are going to play.
                   The weather was fine, but I did not go to school.
Classification of Conjunctions on the basis of Form:- 
Conjunctions have three basic forms.
1.       Single word Conjunctions:- and, but, though, although, because, yet, for etc
2.       Compound Conjunctions :- There are several Conjunctions which end with ‘as’ or ‘that’.  Examples:- as long as, as far as, as soon as, provided that, in order that etc.
3.       Correlative Conjunctions:-  Examples:- so .... that,
Difference between Subordinating Conjunctions and Coordinating Conjunctions:-

Subordinating Conjunctions
Coordinating Conjunctions
Dependant Clause is added to a Main Clause with the help of a Subordinating Conjunctions.
Grammatical equal parts are combined by Coordinating Conjunctions.
Examples:- Though, although, unless, since, because etc.
Examples:- And, but, or, yet, so, for etc.

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