Direct Speech and Indirect Speech of Interrogative Sentence or Question

  1. No conjunction is applied after reporting verb. 
  2. If the question is yes-no type,  ‘if’ is replaced as linking word only when there is a single answer. 
  3. But for many an answer, ‘whether’ is placed for connecting the reported speech to the reporting verb. 
  4. If the question is of ‘wh’ type, the ‘wh’ word will do the duty of a linking word.
  5.  Interrogative sentence will be converted into assertive format.Reporting verb is changed into ask or inquire.

Direct Speech :- He said to me , “ Will you go there ?”
Indirect Speech:- He asked me if I would go there.
Direct Speech :- The teacher asked us, Do you understand the matter or not.”
Indirect Speech:-The teacher asked us whether we understood the matter or not.
Direct Speech:- He said to Sita,” What are you doing?”
Indirect Speech:- He inquired of Sita what she was doing.

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