Speeches are of two kinds : Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.
Direct Speech: Ratan said ,”I shall go.”
Indirect Speech:Ratan said that he would go.
Definition  of Direct Speech : When a speech is with the actual words used by the speaker, it is called the Direct Speech .Here the original words spoken by the speaker is quoted.
Ram said, ”I went to Rajaramtala last year.”
Definition of Indirect Speech :When the  speech of the speaker is stated in the form of Narrative, giving the substance and keeping the exact meaning,without quoting the actual words of the speaker,it is called the Indirect Speech or Indirect Narration.
Example :
Samaresh said that he would not go to Uttarakhand .
Difference between   Direct and Indirect Speeches
Direct Speech
Indirect Speech
The actual words spoken by the speaker are quoted within inverted commas(“…….”).
Only the substance bearing the exact meaning of the speech is stated.
A comma is used before the quotation.
Comma is omitted. A linking word is used instead of a comma.
The first letter within the inverted commas is a capital letter.
No capital letter is retained.

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