Verb:- Regular and Irregular

Verbs are divided into two groups 1. Regular and 2.Irregular.
Regular:- When ed is added to a verb to make past and past participle , the Verb is called Regular Verb.

  1. Talked   talked.    Talked
  2.  Call.       Called.    Called
  3.  Play.       Played.    Played
  4.  Reach.    Reached.  Reached

Irregular Verb:-Irregular Verbs form past and past participle in different ways.
  1. Cut    cut.   Cut
  2. Put.   Put.   Put
  3. Hit.    Hit.    Hit
  4. Hurt.  Hurt. Hurt
  5. Shut.   Shut. Shut
Two forms will be the same.
  1. Burnt.     Burnt.     Burnt
  2. Come.     Came.      Come
  3. Build.      Built.        Built
  4. Buy.         Bought.    Bought
  5. Bring.      Brought.  Brought
  6. Sit.            Sat.           Sat
  7. Beat.         Beat.         Beaten
Three forms will be different.
  1. Break.     Broke.     Broken
  2. Draw.      Drew.      Drawn
  3. Eat.           Ate.         Eaten
  4. Choose.     Chose.    Chosen

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