Usage of Auxiliary Verb

Progressive Verbs or present continuous verbs
When the work goes on, it is in continuous or progressive form.
I am playing.
This sentence is an example of present progressive. In it, the main verb is “play” while the auxiliary verb “be” is conjugated according to the subject, “I.”

Perfect Tense:- Helping verb is used to form present perfect or past perfect tense.

Past Perfect - We had reached the station before the train arrived.
He had read well before his exam.
Ratan  had caught fish and cooked at Salem' s kitchen.

Present Perfect:- I have gone through the text.
He has went to Kolkata to bring books of new syllabus.
You seem to have practised this game well.

Passive Voice:- Auxiliary verb is used to form passive voice.
Football is played by them.
Cricket was played by TRBTCT.
They were laughed at.
I had been well received .
He is being insulted by the head of the institution.

Interrogative Sentence:- Auxiliary verb is used to form Interrogative Sentence.
What is your name?
Why are you crying?
Have you eaten something?
Will you be alright ?

Negative Sentence:- In negative sentence we use Auxiliary Verb.
He did not solve the problem.
You have not read well.

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