Object:- Direct and Indirect

Transitive Verb needs an object to complete its sense.We are to know of what is Object?
When we ask question to the Principal Verb with 'what' and ' whom', the answers we received are objects.
They are playing football.
What are they playing.
The answer is ' football' .
Ram bought a bike.
What did Ram buy?
The answer is ' bike'.
The words ' football', 'bike' are objects.These objects are called direct object.These objects are inanimate.It may be animal.

He gave Ram a pen.
Whom did he give a pen.
He gave Ram.
She loves Deb.
Whom does she love?
She loves Deb.
The objects,' Ram', ' Deb' are human beings.These are Indirect Objects.
Thus there are two types of objects:-
1. Direct

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