Parts of a Sentence

Sentence :- As we have discussed earlier about Sentence, it is  to broaden your ideas of a sentence.

1. Obama is a good president of U.S.A.
2. Modi is going to America.
3.Mike is now fit.

These all are Sentences because all of these make senses.We are  understaning the meanings.
All sentences are divided into two parts - Subject and Predicate.
1.Subject:- Of whom is said , is called the Subject.Obama,Modi and Mike are Subjects.
2.Predicate:- What is said about the Subject is Predicate  i) .is a good president of U.S.A.,
 ii) is going to America., iii) is now fit are Predicates.

Now we will dissects  sentence.
Taylor plays cricket.
This sentence has three parts.It has subject, verb and object.Taylor is subject here.Plays is the verb part and cricket is the object     . Taylor  is acting here. He is the doer.Plays is verb forming from the main verb play with an extra 's'  as the subject is a third person singular number.Third person singular subjects takes singular verb.So an 's' is added to play to make it a singular.There will not be any sentence without subject and verb.But a sentence may have an object if the verb is a transitive one.

 Taylor       plays       cricket.
1.subject    2.verb     3.object

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