Verb :- A verb is a doing ,having ,be or acting word.
Verbs are classified into two groups ; 1)Auxiliary Verb and 2) Main Verb
Auxiliary Verbs are of two types ; 1)Primary Auxiliary and 2) Modal Auxiliary
Be,have ,do are primary Auxiliaries.
May,might,can,could,should,would,ought to,used to are Modal Auxiliaries.
Main Verbs are divided into two kinds; 1)Non Finite and 2) Finite .
All the Non Finite and Finite Verbs can be classified into two subcategories. -1)Transitive and 2) Intransitive.

Principal or Main or Ordinary Verb :- When a Verb is used as the main verb of a Sentence ,it the Principal Verb.
Example : -read,play
Auxiliary Verb :- This Verb is to help other Verb to form voice,mood,tense,Interrogative sentence etc.Auxiliary Verb can be used as Main Verb.
Example :-He is clever.

                   Auxiliary                                    Main

          Primary            Modal               Non-Finite       Finite

In respect of object there are two types of Verbs ;
1)      Transitive –Verb that has object to make a complete sense.
I love her.
2)       Intransitive Verb – Verb that has no object to make a clear sense
Hilary sleeps.

                               Transitive                               Intransitive
                                ( Object )                                   (No Object)

Verbs are classified into two groups according to the process in which they form their past tense and past participle form.
1)      Strong Verb :- Strong Verb is that which form its Past Tense by changing an inside vowel of the Present Tense.
  Do  did done
2)      Weak Verb :-     Weak Verb is that which form its Past Tense by adding d,ed,t with or without changing the inside vowel.
Play  played  played.

Verbs are divided into two classes as they form their  Past and Past Participle Forms from Present Tense.


                                         Weak                                 Strong
                              (Regular)                                   (Irregular)

Some Special Verbs :-
1)      Causative Verb :-When an Intransitive Verb is used Transitively as to causing a thing to be done ,it is called Causative Verb.
Example:- Move the Engine.He grows wheat here.
2. Copulative Verb :-Some Intransitive Verbs need some words to complete the sense.These Verbs are called Copulative Verbs.
She seems tired.
3. Factitive Verb :-Some Transitive Verbs need some more words after their objects to make the sense clear.
They made Obama President.

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