1 Common Noun
-In general any kind of animal or matter of class  is called Common Noun.
 -a boy a book an apple.

2 Proper Noun
-Particular person ,material or place is hinted by this Noun.
 -Steve, London ,Himalayas.

3 Collective Noun
-A noun that denotes a collective name of an animal or substance is Collective Noun.
-people, crowd, class, club ,team, army ,navy, bunch.

4 Material Noun
 - A noun that denotes a name of a substance .
*This is determiners are used.
-honey,oil ,rice, milk ,tea ,sugar, gold, iron, water.

5 Abstract Noun
-A noun which determines quality, action, fault, state etc is an Abstract Noun.
 *This is Uncountable noun.

-honesty ,happiness,sorrow ,beauty,ugliness,walking,invention,health,wealth,power,poverty.


growth, health, truth ,depth ,death ,strength.
friendship, hardship, leadership.
freedom, wisdom, kingdom.
reality, equality, purity, ability, morality.


adulthood, boyhood, childhood, girlhood, womanhood.


kindness, happiness, laziness, darkness,  movement.
Pronoun :-

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