List of Collective Noun

an army of soldiers
an agenda of tasks
a bale of cotton
an amble of walkers
an anvil of blacksmiths
an archive of programmers
an armada of ships
an army of caterpillars
an army of frogs
an array of luminaries
an assemblage of jigsaw puzzlers
an assembly of toys
an asylum of managers
an atlas of maps
an audit of accountants
an audit of bookkeepers
a bale of turtles
a ballet of swans
a band of gorillas
a band of men
a band of pilgrims
a bank of circuits
a bank of monitors
a bed of clams
a bed of oysters
a bed of snakes
a belt of asteroids
a batch of students
a bench of judges
a bevy of ladies
a bevy of quail
a bevy of swans
a bevy of women
a bevy of models
a bundle of sticks
a bundle of papers
a bundle of hay
a bunch of grapes
a bunch of keys
a bunch of flowers
a clump of bamboos
a chain of mountains
a chest of drawers
a crew of sailors
a constellation of stars
a colony of rats
a colony of seals
a colony of ants
a covey of quails
a cloud of dust
a class of students
a choir of singers
a crew of sailors
a crowd of people
a crowd of spectators
a flock of birds
a flock of sheep
a flock of ducks
a flock of pigeons
a flight of birds
a flight of stairs
a flight of steps
a fleet of ships
a gang of robbers
a gang of pickpockets
a gang of bandits
a gang of thieves
a gang of coolies 
a gaggle of geese
a group of politicians
a galaxy of stars
a host of people
a host of passengers
a heap of books sand
a herd of cows
a herd of deer
a herd of horses
a herd of elephants
a herd of pigs
a pile of papers
a pile of books
a pile of rubbish
a pack of hounds wolves
a pack of wolves
 a packet of cigarettes
a pride of lions
a pair of shoes
a row of trees
a swarm of bees
a stack of hay
a stack of wood
a shoal of fish
a suit of clothes
a school of whales
a school of  herrings
a school of  mackerels
a school of  dolphin
a set of tools
a squad of homeguards
a sheaf of paddy
a sheaf of wheat
a sheaf of papers
a sheaf of arrows
a pack of foxes
a staff of servants
a stud of racing horses
a team of inspectors
a troupe of singers dancers
a troupe of singers
a troop of monkeys
a troop of soldiers

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