The Gender of Noun refers to the sex of the person or the thing referred to.

Read the following sentences carefully.
1.  This table is made of wood.
2.  That boy is my brother.
3.  The man standing there has a child.
4.  Rita is my sister.  

The above underlined words, boy, brother, man refer to male persons while words like Rita, sister are female persons.
The word child refers to either male or  female.
Table, wood refer to inanimate objects.

There are four kinds of Gender :

MASCULINE GENDER :- It refers to  names of the male sex.
Examples:-father brother
FEMININE GENDER:-It refers to names of female sex.
Examples:-mother sister
COMMON GENDER:-This refers to either male or female sex. 
Examples:-baby child Friend student cousin parent infant beggar teacher
NEAUTER GENDER:-This refers to names of neither male,nor female.
Examples:-chair table book pen pencil rubber bag bat 

1. Complete change of word is made to change the Gender.

Masculine    Feminine       Masculine    Feminine 
boy          girl           brother      sister   
bull         cow            cock         hen       
dog          bitch          father       mother           
husband      wife           king         queen     
lad          lass           man          woman      
male         female         monk         nun
nephew       niece          sir          madam     
son          daughter       Boar         Sow               drake        duck           drone        bee
Wizard       witch          gander       goose    
ox           cow            Ram          ewe        
stag         hind           uncle        aunt
Earl         countess       gentleman   lady      
abbot        abbes          Duke        duchess

2 In some cases ess\,ss\,ine is added  to make a masculine Gender a Feminine one.

Masculine         Feminine
god               goddess
lion              lioness
tiger             tigress
prince            princess
author            authoress
tutor             tutoress
poet              poetess
heir              heiress
host              hostess
master            mistress
hunter            huntress
hero              heroine
bachelor          maid
master            miss
baron             baroness
giant             giantess
host              hostess
waiter            waitress
priest            priestess
actor             actress
shepherd          shepherdess
emperor           empress
governor          governess

3 Feminine or masculine word is placed before a word to make a word feminine or masculine.

Masculine         Feminine 
peacock           peahen           
he-goat           she-goat     
man servant       maid servant      
bull-calf         cow-calf   
milkman           milk maid        
landlord          landlady 
washer-man        washer-woman     
grandfather       grandmother
father-in-law     mother-in-law     
son-in-law        daughter-in-law
Englishman        Englishwoman      
cock-sparrow      hen-sparrow
Billy-goat        nanny-goat        
jack-ass          she-ass

4. These Nouns are common Gender.
rat,snake,writer etc.

*Collective Nouns are usually Neuter Gender which takes it as a Pronoun substitute.
5.Some Interesting changes from Masculine to Feminine Gender.
Masculine       Feminine
Czar                                  Czarina               
Bridegroom                       Bride
Sultan                                Sultana
Widower                           Widow
Mr                                     Mrs/Miss

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