Conjunction :- A Conjunction is used to join two words,phrases or sentences.It is a joining word.

1) cumulative:-
A statement or fact is added to that of another with this conjunction.
Ram got a medal and Chris was able to hold a certificate.
Sachin is both talented and deligious.

Also:-Rahim is gentle,and You also.

Too:-He is an idler,and a gambler too.

As well as:-Chris as well as Karim is honest.

No Less than:-Laden no less than Stephen is guilty.

Now:-He reached the station at 1pm;now ,he found no train.

Well:-Paul has failed in the final examination;well, we did not expect it.

Not only ... but also:-He was not only intelligent but also diligent.

2) Alternative Pronoun: - 
 In this conjunction,there is an option to select as an alternative.

Either...or :- Either you or Sagen is guilty.

Neither...nor:- Ricky is neither dishonest nor desperate.

Or,Otherwise,Else:-  Do or die.

3)Adversative Conjunction:- 
A contrast or oppository statement is laid down using an Adversative Pronoun.  

But:-He is brilliant but idle.

Still,Yet:- He has got the first division,still he is not satisfied.

However:-It was downpouring;however,we reached home safely.

Nevertheless:-All were against him;nevertheless he insisted on his innocence.

Only:- Do as you like;only do not stay here.

Whereas:-Wisemen respect study;cunning men ignore it.

While:-On the contrast:-None the less:-Notwithstanding:-

4)Illative Pronoun:- 
Final decision is made.

Therefore:- So:- For:-

He will die someday;for he knows the truth of life.

As a result:-Because:-Then:-So then:-

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