Basic of Articles

Article or Determiner to determine definite or indefinite it is called article
Three Articles:- a, an, the.
A mango, an apple , the Statesman(a Newspaper)

Among these three Articles,both ‘a’ and ‘an’ are called Indefinite Articles while ‘the’ is categorized as Definite Article.

A )Indefinite Article – a , an .
B) Definite Article :- the.

Rules for Where to Use Articles :-
a)  Indefinite Articles :- There are two Indefinite Articles ; a and an.

i)      Rules for ‘a’ :-‘A’ is placed before a word which begins with a consonant.
Example  :- A boy

1)’An’ is placed instead of ‘a’ when begins with consonant but it has a vowel sound.
Example:- an M.A., an M.L.A. , an M.P., an L.L.B. , an H.S.

2) A word begun with h takes an when the sound of h remains ,unuttered .
Example :- an honest , an honourable man.

ii)Rules for ‘an’ :-  ‘An’ is written before a word which starts with a vowel.
Example :- an umbrella.
Exception :-
1)If beginning u or eu  sounded eu ,it takes a .
Example :- a European ,a University .
2)If starting o sounded owa ,it takes a .
Example : a one eyed man, a one act play.

B) Rules to Use Definite Article :-

i)      The Definite Article ,the is used  to indicate a particular animal or matter .
Example :-  the book, the elephant
ii)     The is used before a word which is only one in nature .
*the sun
*the earth
*the east
*the west
*the south
*the north
iii)   The is placed before the following matter Subjects

*mountains range,
*the statesman
*the Bible
*the Himalayas
*The Andamans
*the Nile
*the Arabian sea
*the Pacific ocean
*the Bay of Bengal
*the Tajmahal
*the Titanic
*the Geeta,the Bible,the Koran,the Granthasaheb ,
*the Persian gulf

iv)before the said noun.
I have a shirt .The shirt is red in color.

v)The is used before name of a nation,community.
the India,the Sikh

vi)The is used before the name of a political party.
the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress

vii)It is used before a singular common noun to indicate a whole class.
The cow gives us milk.

viii)It is used before a concrete noun expressing an abstract idea.
The mother rose in her when she watched a miserable orphan.

ix)It is used before an adjective to express an entire class.
The poor can only tolerate.

Definite Article ‘the’ is not used Before
i)        language ,
ii)     Person
iii)   place
iv)     day
v)      month .

Example :-
·         English, Hindi, Tamil.
·         Jack, Nisha, Michael, Steve,
·         Delhi, London, Washington DC ,Newyork ,
·         Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
·         January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August

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