Adverb :- An Adverb is a word that modifies a Verb,an Adjective or an another Adverb.

Adverb can be classified into some groups which have been written below.

1. Adverb of Frequency   =  Frequency of the work is said here.
Example:-always, occasionally, rarely, seldom, sometimes, usually, often, frequently, once are examples of Adverbs of Frequency.

2. Adverb of Manner = This says how or in what manner a work is done.
soundly,bravely,beautifully,gently,greedily,noisily,loudly,slowly,clearly,fast are instances of Adverb of Manner.

3. Adverb of Time = It answers the question when.
Example:- ago, tomorrow, already, last night, never, now, daily, early, late, lately are examples of Adverb of Time.

4.Adverb of place= Adverb of Place is used to indicate the place of occurrence of the verb.
Examples:-here, there, everywhere, up, down, in, out are adverbs of place..

5.Adverb of Degree= This type of Adverb is used to hint at the degree of a work.
Example:- too, almost, very, enough, pretty, quite, rather are degree adverb.

These words look  like Adverb but not Adverb   :
1. He looks after his elderly relatives.
2. The ruffians made a cowardly attack.
3. They do a lovely trade in books.
4. Its lovely and warm in here.
5. He is a warm and friendly person.

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