Adverb position

1.It is placed immediately after the intransitive verb.
He came late.
She plays well.
He tells fluently.
The boy ran quickly.

2. Usually after the object of a transitive verb, it is written.
He speaks English distinctly.
He solves problem carefully.
She enjoyed playing heartily.

3. If helping verb used it is placed between the helping verb and the main verb.

4.When an adverb modifies an adjective or another adverb it must be placed immediately before the word it modifies.
It becomes unbearably cold.
Stephen plays very well.
Hilary is a very clever girl.
The cow is quite asleep.
He is rather a bad boy

Exception:- the word enough when used as an adverb is placed after the word it modifies.
HM is kind enough to grant me a leave.
Sachin played well enough to win a match.
He is weak enough to bear the load.

4.adverb of time is placed before the verb they modify.
He always speaks the truth.
He seldom goes to London.
She often visits Singapore.
She frequently goes to his room.

exception- If an adverb of time modifies the verb to be it is placed after the verb.

He is always busy.
She is seldom late .
He was never punctual.

5.adverbs like only, merely, not, never, should be placed immediately before the word or words they modify. They thus change the meaning of a sentence.
Only I met him.
I only met him.
I met him only.

6.It may be placed at the beginning of a sentence for modifying the whole sentence.
Fortunately he was not present then.
Accidentally he was in the room that day.

7.It is used for emphasizing.
Down went the titanic bang went the door.

8.It is also used for asking question.
When did yoy pass graduation?
How long had you been playing here?
Where was Bush born?

If you face trouble for placing different kinds of Adverbs ,then you can remind the following rule to make it easy.

M    T    P
Manner – Time – Place

Example:-Ronaldo played well(manner) yesterday(time) in the school-ground.

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