Adjective :- An Adjective is a word that qualifies a Noun or a Pronoun.
Obama is a good .
He is brave.

Attributive Adjective :-
When an Adjective is placed before a noun or Pronoun ,it is said to be in in attributive position.
He is a good boy.
Predicative Adjective:-
 When an Adjective is placed after a Noun or Pronoun and qualify that Noun =
or Pronoun ,it is called Predicative adjective.
Rony is bad.

Interrogative possessive(Pronominal Adjective, Adjective Pronoun)
Interrogative Adjective:- An Interrogative Adjective is used to make question before a Noun.
Which house does he live in?
What price is the clock?
Which girl can do this sum?
What book are you reading now?

Numerical Adjective
  1.Cardinal :-one two three
 2 .Ordinal indicates order or rank:- first, second ,third, tenth ,The is placed before these Adjectives.

Demonstrative Adjective :-this that these those
Demonstrative Adjective:- Demonstrative Adjective is used to demontrate the Noun.
I like this watch

Adjective of Quality:- This type of Adjective is used to refer to the quality of the Noun or the Pronoun.
Mr Roy is a fat man.
He is brilliant.

Adjective of quantity:- Numerical  attribute is given.
Man has two ears.

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